Multiple Modal Popup Extenders on the Same Wizard Page

I need to have three modal popup extenders on the same wizard page. Two of them will be in the same gridview. Because I need access to the server side both before and after the popup, I did not sent the OK Control ID. For the pop ups in the datagridview, the target control id is a dummy button.

I have no problem when one modal popup extender is placed on the page, but when I put the second one on, the server-side event stops firing, and the pop up  never appears.

Is there a problem with multiple modal popup extenders on a page or am I doing something wrong?

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patynelsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It turned out that some left-over visual basic code was causing the problem. Thanks!
NazoUKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There shouldn't be a problem with multiple extenders on the same page, I have pages where several are used together.
Are your 2 extenders in the gridview referencing the same dummy button / pop-up control? Possibly this could be causing the problem.
patynelsonAuthor Commented:
NazoUK was correct - the problem was all mine
ss sCommented:
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