dell dimension 4700, fan running high speed, front amber light steady, no video, no diagnostic lights in rear, cleared cmos, removed,installed memory, checked wires, connectors, ??? any suggestions

Dell Dimension 4700

NO video, no discernable beeps
Front amber light steady
Fan runs high
Cleared CMOS
Removed, reinstalled memory, left it out, tried a new module
checked electrical connectors
changed monitor
hard drive runs
Machine clean inside
Any more suggestions
NO diagnotic lights on this particular machine at the rear
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PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then, nothing much can be done to save that system, and as you want data, then a usb enclosure would be good.
There are few things left to try:
- other PSU
- boot system without memory, hard drive, video card see if you can get any beep?
- And check on board for any bad cap.
whiteknobAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the response.

Have booted without most every component. Remove the CPU and waltzed the motherboard around looking for this and that.  Fired the mother board up outside the case.
Reset CMOS a dozen or so times. Changed battery. left it out for an hour.
No lights every on the back panel and steady amber with the CPU fan always on high.
Nothing ever on screen.  
Oh, two new memory "cards" from Dell

The other PSU  that was working isn't definately compatible.  No beeps or burps.
The service manual says, "Pre Bios failure"

So, narrowing some "stuff" down, will probably scrap. The hard drive spins and so it probably still has the data we need.  Co worker didn't back up for tooooooo long.
Currently no Dells with SATA  to retrieve.  But perhaps next week

Thanks again

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