Why doesn't flash drive show up in My Computer?

I have a problem which I do not understand. I have no idea how many points to assign to it.
It may be trivial to someone who knows the answer, or it may be very deep if there is
somethng wrong with my operating system. It is certainly very important to me, as I would
pay big money to get it solved. I suppose that means I should assign maximum points. I
apoligize if someone gets the maximum for something trivial.

I have a Kingston Data Traveler which I need to access. I plug it into a USB port and the
system acknowledges with a beep-beep, but the device doesn't show up in My Computer
if I open it directly from the Start menu.

Sometimes, after many minutes, it does pop up under My Computer in Windows Explorer -- but not always!?.

It does show up in Control Panel/SystemHardware, and it show up in Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storge/Disk/Disk Management (local), but attempting to open it there hangs Computer Management.

System Manager and Registry Mechanic find no errors.
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Under disk management right click the drive you want to assign a drive letter to and click 'Change drive letters and paths'. From here click add and assign a drive letter to the drive. After this you should see your drive under my computer.
I hope this helps. Good luck.

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Looks to me that you have an intell south bridge based Motherboard. Download the newest software from intel http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=816&lang=eng. That very well might help.
andrew_aj1's solution is probably the one you need.  Sometimes when you plug in a usb drive, it will be unable to get the drive letter it wants (because the drive letter is already in use), so it doesn't show up in Explorer or My Computer.  Changing the drive letter will usually fix this.  This most often occurs when you have mapped network drives that are using the drive letter your jump drive wants.

If this becomes a chronic problem, and you're constantly having to manually manage drive letter assignment for your jump drive, there is a free program out there called USB Drive Letter Manager (USBDLM, here:  http://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbdlm_e.html).

A word of advice:  don't apologize for the points you assign, especially for too many points!  The points you assign to a question should be an indicator of the issue's importance and immediacy to you, regardless of how challenging it may be for someone else.  And it's always best to err on the high side - we experts are volunteers, and the accumulation of points is the only tangible reward/recognition for our help (aside from intangible factors such as the satisfaction of helping others, and the innate tendency of all IT folks to want to show off what they know).

mcsumanAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I thought I accepted this (exactly right) answer a long time ago.
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