Change proxy/use on TEmbeddedWB

Hi all,

I am using TEmbeddedWB and I am trying to change the proxy server settings and use them.

Got latest version but cannot find a solution.

Can someone help please?


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TEmbeddedWB is a wrapper around IE. so all you need to do is change the proxy settings for IE :)
see the following topic on their support forum:

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ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Does this work too?

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ST3VOAuthor Commented:
I don't know...I'll check it out although the other works fine too!


ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Yes, your's works fine too!
I don't mind reopening and splitting :)
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Thanks ciuly and thanks smot, but I'm going to use the code Ciuly pointed out to, so I think it should stay like it is. Sorry smot and thx anyway!!!

Wel, EmbeddedWB is basically using the code from the support forum but a little improved.
Why using the "same" code again if it is already included in EWB?
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Hi smot,
I see your point and I agree but the thing is that I tried the code on the forum made a few modifications and it worked so I moved on and I'm currently doing something else which is why I said to just leav it BUT if ciuly still wants to split the points it's up to him.
>> if ciuly still wants to split the points it's up to him.

I'm fine with that :)
It's not about points. I don't care about it,
The point was "Why using the "same" code again if it is already included in EWB?"
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Hi smot,

Well, basically I didn't know it was included :o/
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