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My HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-one printer does not print out. I've got error code c18a0101
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This is a generic Ink System Failure code for all-in-ones (normally it reads 0xc18a0101 ?)

If you have new cartridges handy it may be possible to reset the ink calibration to clear the error
(you can do this with old cartridges at a stretch but  if one of the cartridges have caused the error you won't get anywhere).

- Install new cartridges
- Hold down the four OK, Cancel, Black, and Color buttons at the same time and turn printer off
- Allow it so shut down normally but keep holding the buttons until shuts off, then turn it back on
- You will have to do this twice and then it should recalibrate
you can always test it on another pc too..then you know it is a printer problem or not
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