What DOS drivers would work with a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio?

Trying to play an old DOS based game on a Dell using it's own built in on-board hardware. I finally found and configured a bootable thumbdrive, refreshed my skills on Config.sys and Autoexec.bat, and dug up my old copy of mouse.com. Everything works, except it doesn't detect a soundcard. (not to imply the game is plug and play, just that it doesn't seem to see whatever it wants to see to confirm it's existence).

I looked up www.soundmax.com and for drivers they point to motherboard and PC manufacturers for drivers, and of course Dell isn't going to offer DOS drivers for anything other than bootable disk images to update older flash BIOS, and spelunking the mobo manufacturer sites has proved fruitless.

Any suggestions?
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it can be you won't find any dos drivers for these "new " sound cards
but what sound card do you have ? nothing to go on here
Try using VmWare Server and installing DOS inside that as a VM. It'll then use a generic Sound Driver that even DOS should still be able to use.

johngerityAuthor Commented:
The soundcard built-in to this computer is "SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio", standard on most DELL PC's.

I also used an old soundcard that I found in one of my old junk boxes. The hard drive was already removed and I never documented what the drivers and hardware were. Since then I've made a point to Belarc any computer I have.

I guess this means I have no choice but to dig up an old PC, install MS-DOS 6 and Windows 3.1, and try that. Anyone know where I can get DOS6.2x? (it doesn't matter which "x". If I remember correctly 6.20 came with scandisk, memmaker, and defrag, 6.21 removed them coz of a lawsuit from Symantec, and 6.22 put them back after a settlement).
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johngerityAuthor Commented:
rindi, do you know where I can find a "generic Sound Driver" for DOS? If I remember, that stuff has to load at boot time from CONFIG.SYS (and maybe AUTOEXEC.BAT), even if I'm using a virtual PC.
>>  SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio    <<  that is NO soundcard - is it onboard? then list your mobo
umho - there  is no generic sound driver...

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You could try using an old soundblaster driver. As for DOS, you could check out "Freedos".

johngerityAuthor Commented:
I pretty much abandoned this project not that long after this. There's no DOS driver support for motherboard sound "cards" (at least not from Dell), and I only experimented with a few old DOS drivers using a bootable DOS 6.2 USB drive. )

I didn't get around to playing with freeDOS yet, but I'm looking forward to eventually.

If I can, I'm going to try to find an old PC with the soundcard drivers already installed, and hopefully uncover the secrets of the Chodak Empire. ^_^

Anyway thanks all.
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