What is a really great laptop to buy for ASP.NET/SQL Server Development?

I currently have an Dell Inspiron 6000...but it has a Celeron processor and I want to throw it out the window sometimes. It takes so much time to load when I turn it on...and its just not a good development machine. Its only got like 40 GB of HardDrive Space. Its got 1.5 Ghz and 504 Ram. I am looking for a faster better computer that I can remote desktop into my other Windows XP Pro SP2 development box if I need to.

There are so many choices...and I am not much of a hardware person. I am an independent contractor...so I don't have many people to ask about this. Can anyone recommend a Brand and machine requirements that are optimum for Web development? I plan on starting to use the Asp.net 3.5 framework soon.

BTW, does anyone know if Vista comes with IIS? and also Remote Desktop Services?

Thanks so much.

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Admittedly, this doesn't answer your question directly, but....

The machine you already have could easily do what you want, if you just added some RAM.  With only 512MB of RAM, of COURSE it's running like a dog.  And you could stick in a much larger hard drive for hardly any money, too.

If it takes a long time to load when you turn it on, this is VERY likely because you have a lot of things loading at startup, most of which you probably don't need.  I bet that by judiciously removing a few things using msconfig, and from your Startup folder, you could substantially speed things up.  A 1.5Ghz Celeron is just NOT that slow, unless you're doing serious gaming or video or photo manipulation or very serious number crunching.  For web development and remote desktop, it should be plenty...it's just lacking RAM and is probably full of bloated startup stuff.

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For to run the platforms you mentioned in a reasonable response time the machine you are going to buy must have at least 2 GB of RAM and dual or quad core processor with a high frequency, my recomendation will be a wide screen 17" display, and a graphics adapter with at least 512 MB deciated RAM and at least 250 GB of HDD..
Yes Vista comes with IIS and it also has RemoteDesktaop Sevices...
bolenkaAuthor Commented:
thanks to both of you, is there a special version of vista...I read something about Utlimate or something of that nature? I didnt know if there was a difference between the two...like there is between XP and XP Pro...I know XP does not come with IIS, but XP Pro does. What about Vista? Is there a difference when it comes to this?


ofcourse there are differences between them.. the ultimate version covers the more components ... and about installing iis 7.0 to vista take a look at this
bolenkaAuthor Commented:
I got a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. Do I have to install IIS? Where do I get it? Thanks for your help.
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