Web page casuses CPU Meter to peg at 100%

This page:
(and many other pages at Microsoft's MSDN site) cause my computer's CPU meter to climb quickly to 100% and all other running progams get very sluggish.

Sometimes I do not see that effect, but I can casue it to come back by dragging the mouse over the navigation menu at the top of the page (MSDN > MSDN Library > Win32... etc).

I can bring the CPU meter back to a normal range by opening or flipping to a different tab in the browser, so I assume that this effect is related to the focused page (whether or not the browser is in the foreground).

The question is:
I'm skeptical that Microsoft would make this happen on all computers, so I think there must be something strange with my setup.  Do you have any ideas what that could be?  What Can I do to avoid this?
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It's running silverlight scripts.  I would uninstall and reinstall silverlight on your system and see if that helps.

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DanRollinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  On your advice, I uninstalled (Control Panel / Add remove software / Microsoft Silverlight)
Rebooted, and without Silverlight, I had the same problem.  I installed Silverlight by going to the Ms site and clicking install when prompted.  I now have Silverlight 2.0 installed.
The problem seems possibly less.  I now have to work a bit to peg the CPU.  For instance, on that page, if I drag he mouse around the nav panel, I'm OK for a while.  Then if i drag across several items up there then quickly move down to hover over one of the links below (e.g., Win32_LoadOrderGroup) the CPU pegs.
One difference:  If I scroll the window to move the navigation links off screen, the CPU immediately goes down to normal.
When the CPU is pegging, Task manager shows that iexplore.exe is definitely the culprit (showing 99%).  
I really don't need the "rich media experience" all that much.  Is there a way to turn it off?
There isn't a way to turn it off that I know of.  Sorry I can't be of more help I was taking a stab and hoping that it helped you.
DanRollinsAuthor Commented:
I'll close this as the problem seems to have mostly stopped after updating Silverlight.  
Thanks for the suggestion.
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