MSI Installer error: No mapping between account names and security ID's was done

I have created a windows service that I am trying to install on a target machine for testing.

When I tried to install the service by double-clicking the msi file, the installer issued this message:

Set Service Login
Password Confirmation:

After I entered my windows username and password, the installation failed with this message:

"No mapping between account names and security ID's was done."

The installer saved just two files in the target directory.

SforcePrototypeService.InstallState and TDB4BB.tmp

This is my first attempt at creating a windows service and setup/deployment project that installs the service.

I'm not sure what or where I am going wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

-Dman100-Software ConsultantAsked:
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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This message means that Windows did not recognize the username and password that you specified. Are you sure they exist on the target machine?
-Dman100-Software ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi vadimrapp1,

yes, absolutely, the username and password are valid on the target machine.

Should the installer be asking for a username and password when installing a windows service?  When I added the installer, should I have specified LocalService or LocalSystem for the Account in the properties for ServiceProcessInstaller1?  It was set as User, which might be causing the problem.

This is my first windows service, so I'm somewhat novice at this.
Vadim RappCommented:
Yes, usually all services run under one of those predefined accounts. In the past, everything was localsystem, then less privileged localservice and networkservice were added - the best practice is to use the account with the minimum required privileges. See this technet article for details.
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