Will install upgrade DDR RAM- be compatible?

I bought SODIMM PC2700 @ 512MB for the Dell Inspiron 600M laptop.
Yes, I know that is is backward compatible with the stock memory of
PC2100. However, if I remove PC2100 stick & place only  one 512MB @PC2700 stick,
will the memory be read as PC2700 (faster)?

If not, then I think I will combine the 258MB @ 2100 with the 512MB@  2700 ( the 2700 running
slower @PC2100) for total more RAM.
What do u recommend?
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Jones911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It will accept it but it wont run faster.  Put both sticks in and get 768 and you will be happy with the results.
It will only be faster if the mainboard supports the faster ram.  As it came with the older speed ram the answer is probably no.  As a rule more ram it better then less faster ram.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
Thank u, I should've asked if this board is flexible to accept the faster RAM. The PC is vintage 2003.
I'd ask of Dell, but that Support Site is always busy & user has to go thru hoops verifying that one is alive & well, etc. when finally online with them.
Please give me an educated guess re. that question (& I'll close this question).
I'd guess no. The specs. just stated PC2100 & that was the only upgrade for it on Dell parts.
My two desktops are latest & accept 4 different RAM speeds.

jamesg1940Author Commented:
thanks I thought so.
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