Default programs to secondary monitor?

I am experimenting with dual monitors on my PC. Is there a way to default programs or processes (i.e. outlook) to the secondary monitor?

I got the main Outlook window to default there just by dragging it there, but now every time I make a new window, choose options, or anything else that generates a new window instance, it opens the instance on my main monitor.

Is there some type of Windows feature or third party application that will give me more control over my software using dual monitors?
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I'll assume you want Outlook, programs ect on the large monitor adn that start bar is on the small one.  

Vista:  Right click desktop, personalize, display settings, select the larger screen.  Check "This is my main monitor"  apply. and now Start bar will be on the 2nd screen.
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Well I got my main monitor on my left. I want my start menu there, and for it to be the primary one for surfing web, etc. And I want my Outlook to always be open on the second monitor (right).

The problem is, when I send new e-mail from Outlook (on my right monitor) the New Email comes to my left monitor, so I gotta drag it back to the right monitor. If I go to Tools > Options for example, the options also popup on my left monitor, so I gotta drag it back to my right monitor. If I open calendar items, they come up on my left monitor..etc. So how come the entire application doesn't just stay on the right monitor? It is a nuisance
You may want to check out a program called UltraMon. It makes manageing applications on dual monitors very easy. You can get it here:
I hope this helps. Good luck.

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One thing to remember is that maximized windows don't remember the monitor. If you drag something to monitor #2 and close it without maximizing it, the next time you open it should be on #2. If you then drag it back to #1, maximize it, and close it, the next time you open it, it will still be on #2. To get the default to a specific monitor, you need to tell Windows which monitor is your primary monitor. Jones gave the instructions for Vista, in XP, you right-click desktop, go to Properties, go to the Settings tab, and right-click on the monitor you want to be primary, and select "Primary." You can drag your taskbar to the secondary monitor if you don't want it to be on the primary, just unlock the taskbar (right-click, lock the taskbar) and drag it.
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