Cannot connect printer to function properly

I am having trouble connecting an HP Deskjet Printer 2545 using the software provided for the printer. I was told by HP that I have to delete files in the registry in order to reinstall the printer driver.  I installed another printer from HP named HP 3900 series but did not uninstall it properly.  So thinking this was a problem causing an inablity to connect the printer 3900 I purchased a new printer from HP model  2500 and tried to install the drivers for the new printer.  Now I cannot delete the printer icon under control panel for the 2500 model and cannot install the drivers for the 2500 modlel.  

With this description, how do I uninstall the printer icon from the Printer menu in Control Panel?  I tried to delete the model 2500 printer icon but am having trouble.  How do I delete the files in the computer (those that cannot be deleted under Search) and how do I delete the drivers and files for both models from the registry?

Please answer both questions individually?

Thank you.
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webdzinerAuthor Commented:
Also, I get an error message the says the file hprein01.exe has encounter problems.  This occurs when trying to install the drivers for HP D2545. How can I fix this probem?

Thank you.  
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
This is HP's recommended route for removing the D2545

HP Deskjet D2500 Printer Series - Uninstalling the Printer Software in Microsoft Windows

If that doesn't help try this route:

Manual uninstall - for both your printers (reinstall one at a time after removing them!)

Delete all the files in %temp% folder (this could be %windows/temp or C:\Documents and Settings\<Profile Name>\Local Settings\Temp - check both!) and make sure that there is nothing in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS folder (pending print jobs)

Open Printers and Faxes; delete the printer if it is there.

Then from Add/Remove software remove any of the printer's software if it is there.

Go back to add a printer and minimize that window and open Administrative Tools > Services

Find the print spooler and right-click it.
Select "Stop" and after it stops right-click it again and start it.

Minimize that window and bring up add printer window. Now click on Print Server properties and the Drivers tab.

Remove all drivers for that printer. (If there are other printer drivers that the computer does not need this is a good time to delete them too!)

Close all windows and disconnect the printer and reboot (leaving the printer disconnected).
Then if you use a CD to install the drivers use it now or run your downloaded installer (latest version).
Reconnect the printer when the installer requests it.
webdzinerAuthor Commented:

I found the HP 3900 drivers in the Print Server properties under the Drivers tab, but when I click on the HP 3900 and then click remove I get an error message that says driver in use cannot delete. How do I delete the driver when I get this message?  

The HP 3900 icon is still in the Add Printers but I cannot delete this also.  I reinstalled the HP 3900 drivers and then tried to uninstall them thinking this would solve the unable to connect problem originally stated.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try Safe Mode for the "file in use" error, also check Task Manager for any HPxxxxx processes running and end them.

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webdzinerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help MASQUERAIDE.
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