IOS VPN with NAT handled by another router.

How do I set up a VPN for remote access that will tunnel the remote users traffic to the internet with NAT running on a second router.

NAT is killing the performance on my VPN router so I want that to be handled by another router.
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In that case, one add the NAT'ing to the config of the second router.

Take NAT'ing out of the config on the VPN router, use a static default route to forward internet-destined traffic from the VPN users to the other router...

Is the second router that will handle NAT also the router  you want to send traffic to
for internet access?

Or perhaps a third router?

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Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
I will try it out and let you know how it goes, I am just a little worried the packets returning from the internet will not get over to the VPN devices after passing through the NAT router. I will add a route for that path also, and see what happens.

It is the following path for traffic to/from the internet for the VPN users.
client x.x.x.x --- {internet} --- Rvpn Rnat --- ISP gateway
(made up IPs of course)
Yes, if it doesn't have one already: the NAT router would need a route pointing back to the VPN router for the  inside ips you are assigning to the VPN clients.

Just as return traffic from the internet needs to be routed to the VPN router's outside IP, preferably at the internet gateway, or by the ISP .

Err: ...return traffic from the internet to the NAT router's....
Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, it works.

I have found it was not the NAT alone that was limiting my performance, see:
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