Exchange 2007: Move reservations from one resource to another


We have run into some kind of corruption in several of our Exchange 2007 resources (meeting rooms).  Whenever a user tries to schedule a meeting using one of those resources he gets the error:  "The operation failed.  An object could not be found.  Cannot directly book a resource for this meeting."  

We have troubleshot both the client and server side of this issue, and have gotten nowhere, so we are considering simply moving the room reservations from the corrupt resources to newly created ones.  Our question is:  how can we move meetings from one calendar to another without requiring users to re-accept invitations for all of the meetings?  For example, let's say I've got fifty meetings scheduled for "Conference Room A" over the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, the "Conference Room A" resource is giving the error that I mentioned above:  how can I create a "New Conference Room A" resource and move the fifty meetings to it without requiring the attendees of those meetings to re-accept invitations?  

I hope the question makes sense.  Thanks in advance for the help.  
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Practically what you could do is.

  1. Export the calendar of Conference Room A
  2. Disable the mailbox (this will disassociate the mailbox from the user account)
  3. Create a new mailbox (using same user name - Conference Room A)
  4. Re-import the pst (exported on step 1).

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EllyPAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Exchange Geek.  

I'm betting your solution would work.  But I won't have a chance to find out whether it works or not, because while I was waiting for answers to my question, I continued to troubleshoot and I think I fixed the original issue--meaning that I won't need to rebuild the mailbox.  

The solution I found to the "operation failed" error that I mentioned above had to do with the fact that the resource mailboxes (meeting rooms) that were behaving badly were set up in Outlook to "automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations."  This was an old setting that we used prior to Exchange 2007.  We didn't need that setting anymore, because under Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes use a different method for automatically accepting meeting requests.  After unchecking that checkbox, the resources started behaving correctly again.

For anyone who runs into a similar issue, you can more information about the change I mention above here: 

Exchange Geek, I'd like to award points to you for answering this question, should I just "Accept as Solution" even though I didn't get to test the answer?  What's the appropriate protocol for handling a situation like this?  
You can accept it as a solution, so if some one gets the link of the problem they would also view your solution - so both troubleshooting steps are included on same link.

And hey thanks for updating me and EE forum with your troubleshooting steps.

Take Care.

God Bless.
EllyPAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!  
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