Is email active?

Is there a way to check if an email is active? This is to check any email type.
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ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hallo lynchc24!

If you are wanting to check the status of the email from Outlook then you could only confirm the same by sending out an email to that particular email address and then wait and see if you receive a bounce back message or a read receipt confirming that the email was read (indicating that the email address is active)
All this can only be checked if you've configured your Outlook as suggested in the URL provided above by War1.

P.S. This is only to check the email address status from Outlook.

Hope this helps.

Hello lynchc24,

By active, do you mean if the email you sent has been read?  What environment are you in? Exchange?

You can use Outlook delivery receipt or read receipit.

Hope this helps!

 If you send a mail to the adresses and don't get a "postmaster" error email back, then the email exists but you don't know if somebody "really uses it"

lynchc24Author Commented:
Hello war1 & kaddict:
No, your solutions are not what I am looking for. I am working between 3 different website databases that have for many of the records in the email field, 3 different email addresses. The solution that I am looking for or question to answer is 'Is it possible to check email addresses from a url to see if the address is active'. This should have been the question.
rofl. I guess you don't read throughly each time =)
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