Print Directory Structure of Drives

What's a really good program that will analyze the entire hard drive or a mapped drive and allow me to print if on paper so I can get a good overview of the structure of the directories, and which files are where, etc?

I've got a lot of mapped drives and will take a long time to "Explore" being at the computer so it would be real helpful to get them printed out to paper somehow
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At the command line, use the 'tree' command, which will show the directory structure   You can also pipe the output of the command into a file, naturally.  The high-ASCII characters that tree uses may give you issues. If you have problems with the output, you can use the /a switch:
C:\>tree /a  u:
Folder PATH listing for volume Udrive
Volume serial number is 88C0-017A
|   +---a_yy
|   |   \---a_zz
|   \---b_yy

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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Treesize Free has a reporting feature. It will report whatever is on the screen, so you expand the folders you want to see yourself. Prints to whatever printer you want. Although I find just using the program itself is more effective that looking at the paper report ;)
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