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Can you record with inches in a layer size transformation?

I am trying to automate a certain layout template with the action pallete.  I have 3 layers, each has to be a certain size.  For example layer one has to be 1.5 inches wide with proprtional lock on.  When I record and preform the tranformation to the layer in inches, the action pallete converts it to a percentage.  This will not work becasue I am not always starting with the same size layer.  Is there a way to record the size in inches no matter what my layer starts with?
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David BruggeCommented:
This one stumps me and it will be interesting to see if someone comes forward with a solution.

Because you are not actually  transforming the size of the layer, you are transforming the size of an object (or more correctly a group of pixels) on the layer, the question becomes:

How do I transform an object to a set size?

I've never been called to do this in an action. I have only had to do it manually where of course it is pretty easy.

Off hand, you may have to write a javascript to do this, but I'll wait to see what others say.

- David B
maybe u can creat a set of actions , something like this:
* but this will work only if u have specific layer names
1-choose the first layer u want to resize
2-press Ctrl+A ( to choose all the pixels inside that layer)
3-press Ctrl+C( to copy them to clipboard) and delete the layer
4-go to File--> New and just click ok ( this will give u a new document with size of the image in clipboard)
5-Ctrl+V to paste the image of your first layer
6-Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C again
7-close the document without saving
8-paste your image in the base doc
9-choose your next layer
... do this for all layers
it has another problem, when u paste the images it pastes them right in the center, I dont know if thats where u want them
please tell me if that works for u
bdgbrickAuthor Commented:
I used your sugjestion and came up with a plan similar to what you described thank you.
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