Changing the Color of the background of the Inbox view

I've been told that's the white background on the  Inbox view is not nice and I was asked to change the color of both the inbox and sent views to any other color .
Is it possible to do it ??????

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Invite a paintbrush artist with a load of paint to help them. Sheesh... Is that all their concern, the background of the Inbox??? Don't they have anything better to do? Work, for instance?

You can set the colours using the view's properties, 3rd tab, first field. If you do it in the mail template, you'd have to refresh the design of all mail databases. Or you make a modified template next to the existing one, with a different name, that every Notes-user can apply to his own mail database.
akhafafAuthor Commented:
Hi there  Sjef bosman,,,,,,,,, That was really a good realistic comment thank you very much :)
At somebody knows how much I suffer :)

However, what I understood from your suggested solution up there ( using the view's properties, 3rd tab, first field ) is it using the Lotus Domino Designer and the command of  "setbackground color " am I right ????
Can you just clerfy this point to me please ????
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Indeed, using the Designer. Open the view in the Designer, then type Alt-Enter to open the View Property box. On the third tab, with colour properties etc., the first property you can set is the background colour. Just try it!

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akhafafAuthor Commented:
    Dear Sjef,

Thanks a lot for your continuous support . However, this solutions seems to be not working with templates Mail8.ntf but it  does for Mail6.ntf  . So, if you know any other way please let me know .

akhafafAuthor Commented:
Sjef,, I am so sorry to disturb you but this case is not that important the important thing is the challange and to learn some new features in the new lotus version 8
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah... R8... Don't have that right here. Still, I suppose that it should be similar, because other people might have done exactly the same in other views in older releases. You could try to add a colour column, with the colour coing of your liking. Add a column at the left, with background and foreground colour combinations.

For example, the value of such a column should be 128:0:0:0:0:0 for black text on a red background.

From the Help database:
"If you specify one set of coordinates (three numbers separated by colons), the color defines the appearance of the text. If you specify two sets of coordinates (six numbers separated by colons), the first set of coordinates defines the background color for the column, and the second set of coordinates specifies the text color. The color affects the column where you set the color value and all columns to the right of that until another color is set."
akhafafAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot sjef_bosman the case was solved by appying what you have suggested up there and by removing the tick next to "inherit design from master template " 
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