Question marks appear instead of arabic characters after data migration between sql server and oracle!!

Hi all,
i'm using SSIS to migrate data from an SQL Server DB to an Oracle DB, everything goes fine except the question marks that appear instead of the arabic characters when data is moved to the oracle tables!!

NLS_Lang entry in the oracle DB is:

NLS_Lang entry for the oracle client thats on the SQL Server is exactly the same, any suggestions?!

thanks alot in advance !

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farahwjAuthor Commented:
In SSIS you can choose the Column Code Page for each connection. Have you done this? What did you choose for SQL Server, for Oracle?
Here is a Transform tool from MS.
Another good reference for this issue: 

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farahwjAuthor Commented:
>>In SSIS you can choose the Column Code Page for each connection. Have you done this? What did you choose for SQL Server, for Oracle?
farahwjAuthor Commented:
i have downloaded and installed the tool successfully but i still need your help with using it, i have the following 2 test tables:
a table named groups in sql server and it has the following structure;
id                      nvarchar(50)
arabicdesc     nvarchar(200)
englishdesc   nvarchar2(200)
ABRV                nvarchar2(50)
flag                    int
the equivalent oracle table is as follows:
desc groupstest
 Name                                                  Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------------------- -------- ----------------
 CODE                                                           NVARCHAR2(50)
 EDESC                                                          NVARCHAR2(200)
 ADESC                                                          NVARCHAR2(200)
 ABRV                                                           NVARCHAR2(50)
 FLAG                                                           NUMBER(1)
in your reply you stated that i can choose the Column Code Page for each connection
, i didnt know from where!!
how can i use the tool with these 2 tables i described above?
farahwjAuthor Commented:
ok it worked, i put  code page 1256 for both the sql server connection and the oracle connection, and same to CodePageConvert tool and set its converttounicode property to false :) thanks alot HoggZilla!
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