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Dear All,

I have more than 3000 users in the active directory. Those users are not having the correct information. I need a way to export all users information to excel sheet, then correct all of the information and import them again in the active directory.

How do I can make this? What are the tools that I can use it?

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ALNMOOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are number of ways to update information in AD depends on what are you updating.

if you updating a personal data that you trust users to update them, then use self update tools. there are number of such tools that for example create a portal for users and they will update their information through it.

If you want to export data to excel & import it again to AD, then use  
devdeptAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your replay, I use the following Command to Export all of the Information:

csvde -f finalad.csv -r "objectclass=user" l userPrincipalName,givenName,SN,displayName,discription,telephoneNumber,mail,homephone,mobile,department,manager,city u

Then I Import the file in Microsoft Excel. I will start correct all of the information for all users.

Now; I need a Script to import users information after corrected them to the Active Directory.
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