Using Apache and IIS to redirecting website traffic in the same server.

Hi All,

I have Exchange Server 2007 which runs OWA, hosting file to download and also I've deployed Atlassian Jira in the same machine, and I've got port 25, 80 and 443 tht are open, my question is:

how can i redirect a particular request like these: --> OWA --> /Download directory --> Jira ( working but SSL required) --> Jira ( The page cannot be found because it refers to IIS directory not the Apache WebApps) --> Jira ( working but SSL required) --> Jira ( working but SSL required)

what i did: assign port (random) to IIS other than 80, so that Apache can take over port 80 traffic.

for the first two, all is good by using ASP 3.0 script. but the problem is how can I enable SSL traffic which can be redirected to either IIS or Tomcat ?

any idea would be greatly appreciated.

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Jones911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Setup apache as a reverse proxy.  Forward 443 to the apache box, redirect to the iis box.  It's a little harder to do with ssl but this is they way to accomplish what you want.
meverestConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you did this:

>> what i did: assign port (random) to IIS other than 80, so that Apache can take over port 80 traffic.

then you can do the same with ssl - just change the port for IIS to something else than 443 (like 444 or something)

jjozAuthor Commented:

if i change the port 443 in IIS, then OWA and Exchange Active Synch would be stopped as that port is needed by IIS to redirect the traffic. ?

I'm just wondering if there's something that can be done in IIS to redirect the traffic to use Port 443 to Apache so that Jira can run using HTTPS.
jjozAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution.
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