I have two cisco routers (one is 800 series and other 1600 series). Both routers has one ethernet interface. I need to connect two differnet network in same building  . Can i do this with these routers. Please help me in configuring the same for connecting two differnet network. I need only few machines to access the other network

Netwok 1  -  series
Network 2 - series

Please tell me the cable connection part also. I am new to this. Please help by describing than just giving some cisco link.

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alpdorukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you can with these routers i assume that you connect the ethernet connection to switch for local connection on both routers.can you give please the exact model of routers and does 1600 have any module on it ?
but between the both routers you will need also modems and you have to connect them with rs cable to the routers
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
Both router has one ethernet and one BRI interfcae. Please let me know how to connect this and make two network connect.
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
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