Filemaker Server 9 Instant Web Publishing install on W2K3 R2 with IIS installation issues

I have several issues with FMS 9 Web Publishing installation on W2K3. I've treid setting it up on 2 different servers. On both servers I made a web site in IIS and enabled basic authentication as required by FM.

Our original W2K3 server was running WSS v3 and Filemaker 7. Now, we need FMS9 with web publishing. The FMS install went find, the Web Server Wizard doesn't report any errors. During the web server wizard I can see FM resets the IIS services. Right after that the IIS Admin service and WWW Publishing service crash. There are many DCOM errors in the application log. After running the Web Server setup from FM again, the whole website in IIS got removed ! To avoid the risk of WSS being not accessible, I moved on to a new server.

I setup a fresh copy of W2K3 R2, Installed SP2, IIS and all updates. While running the FMS 9 Web Server setup, it doesn't detect IIS at all. I tried reinstalling IIS and Filemaker several times but it doesn't work. At the deployment wizard, on the Enable Web Publishing screen it gives the error "Could not get a list of web servers on the specified worker machine".

I'm using FMS 9.0v3, the latest installer version. IIS works. Please help me out.
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, this install is a headache... the only thing I found to get it working was to uninstall IIS, re-install with all defaults, and only defaults, no single change, then install FM server.
I don't know how they detect IIS, but as usual with Fm, while their customers are 85% under windows, they have neglected the various situations you can find under windows, and their support always send you back to windows! while it tuns fine under osX presumably.
tuns! > runs I meant
buddholeAuthor Commented:
I'm absolutely stunned. Reinstalled IIS, did't enable basic auth (like the **** manual says you must do) and it works ! Thanks a lot !
I've been sweating on this one too! till next!
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