Our Mail Server IP was Blocked !! how to remove

Our Email server IP address was bloked by UCPROTECT and some more antispam databases hence sending / receiving  email is having issue.

Let me know how to remove IP address from spam database and i wanted to know how to monitor not to block our IP in spam database

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each blocking database will have their own instructions on their own web site..
however..first you need to fix whatever caused you to be listed..
most commonly - open relay - there are a lot of sites to check if you are open
no reverse DNS - minor problem but can cause issues
or a virus on one of your workstations.
you need to know in which RBL your IP is.

All of them have an instructions how to remove the IP from the list. As WOLFCAMEL said, you need to know why your IP is listed? are you running unsecure SMTP? is allowed anonymously?

if you identify your probelm and fix it. then start process of removing the IP from the DBs. to Start with this http://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=7&s=0

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Hi there...
frist you must know which site/sites has block you by check using the following links:
then goto the site who mark you as a spamer then try to why you get marked as a spamer, suck as :
- using auto-responses that are replying to spam with forged spamtrap email
addresses (such as Out-of-Office/Vacation notices, virus notifications, and 'bounces' created after accepting the email);
-a computer with a virus that sends spam without the owner's knowledge;
-a computer that has been compromised and spammers are remotely controlling it to transmit their spew;
-is sending unsolicited emails and your internet service provider is allowing it;
-or because, as in all systems, there may have been a mistake. (very rare)
-you open relay for un authenticated server/users.
-use dynamic IP.

secend try to fix the problem that you have.

Then delist you IP and there a procedure for every site to delist your IP some site you must send a request and some automatically delist you after 24 hour for last issues (spam you send).

BUT i think you have to buy MailHop Outbound from dyndns, and you never hear about blocking again ;) cuz sometimes the problem takes soo long to get solved and maybe you need to involve your ISP to delist your IP or all your subnet need to be belisted with ONLY ISP.

I hope that help you :)

Sriram_ppAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support.. Issues resolved.
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