Using Ghost 2003 on SATA to set up multiple exact model systems

OK...Here goes.

I have been able, in the past with PATA drives, to set up one system with all the software needed and simply create a ghost image of the drive for later use when more systems come in for setup.  It works perfectly.  Now, however, I am unable to do so with SATA on the newer systems I am getting.  

I use Ghost 2003 on Windows XP on an IDE only MB with a SATA add-in card.  The drives are recognised just fine and creating the image works fine.  When I go to restore the image to the next hard drive, it is successful.  

I place that hard drive into an identical system model (example.  Dell Optiplex GX280 or GX620) and the system acts like it is going to boot normally; however, I get just a cursor flashing in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  It's almost like there is an issue with the boot partition.  

If I take the drive out of the system and connect it to (what I call my Image System), I can read it and it looks to have all the files from the drive where I created the image.  I can browse through and see everything right down to desktop shortcuts.  I just cannot get the drive to boot when connecting it to an identical system i used to create the image.

Your help is much appreciated.  Should I be looking for another software to create these images?  Ghost just does it so quickly on both backup and restore, I would hate to lose it.

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try changing the sata mode in the bios and turning off ahci

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rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Normal and Combination are the SATA drive options for me.  Combination is for older operating systems that may not recognize SATA according to its description.  It is set to normal.  I am trying to create ghost images on a Dell Optiplex GX280 and GX620.

AHCI is not listed in the BIOS.
I have done this numerous times in both GX280's and 620's without problem.
How are you creating the images.... Boot Disk.... Boot CD? what version of Ghost are you using?
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rexxnetAuthor Commented:
This is the Ghost that came with Norton System Works 2003.  I thought I remembered being able to Ghost the slimline GX280s and one day it just stopped working.  I have since replaced the motherboard in the machine for buldging capacitors with (I think) an identical IDE board with the same SATA card I had on the other board.  

I boot to Windows and create the image using the program.  Let it run the backup and restart.  I also restore the image from Windows.  IDE is perfect.  SATA won't boot from the imaged drive.
hmmm never used it in this way, i always create a boot floppy or CD using the ghost boot disk utility, or using
symantec ghost cast server which lets you ghost across the network
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
So I should be able to boot with the floppy and ghost the drive that I have set up to an image on a storage drive and restore it to another drive for the next system?  I will not have an available hard drive to just ghost from drive to drive.  
even a 4gb usb key will do the job ;0)
do you have the boot disk utility?
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
You can make the boot disk through 2003, right?  Here's the overall goal.  I want to create a Dell image of every system that comes into my shop so that I can quickly restore a system after backing up a customer's data.  The only way to do this is to create an image of every Dell that comes in and have it immediately available.  Make sense?  The way I was doing it with IDE worked perfectly.  It's the SATA I have to overcome.

Makes perfect sense, and yes you can with 2003
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  Have a great one!
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