Printer installation problem - HP 3030 all in one

I  am facing a  printer installation issue .  OS windows xp with service pack 3 and printer HP all inone 3030 Laserjet.  The problem is i can able to install it but when try to print something it automatically goes on que ie; nothing can be print or scan or no response from the printer side.  The same printer  i installed with windows vista as well as xp machine ( different machines ) it was successful. The problem persit only in one machine.  It is a local printer connected by usb  .  I tried the following already.
1. Installed printer through cd
2. Through add printer wizard
3.Downloaded the latest driver( pcl5e ) from net
4. Restarted the spooler service
5. Disable the bidirectional port
6. Repaired the xp machine through recovery console using chkdsk /r
7. Mannualy added a usb port
8. deletd all hp details from registry
9. Checked in the event viewer no errors except DCOM 1066
10 . Uninstalled the antivirus ( sophos) n checked .

I installed and printed  two three times but  after that it goes to printer que and no response from the printer . If you click the scanner icon message comes the it is not properly installed.  I  the System Admn and having all user rights.  

Please advice. as early as possible ... solution will be appriciated

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rexifelisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tested the printer as a stand-alone device?  that is with it not plugged into the computer via the usb cable, just do a copy job from the printer itself (this is to rule out possible hardware issues with the printer/scanner itself)
have you tried another USB cable?  it is unlikely but a low-quality cable could be causing communication errors between the pc and the printer
and of course what Masqueraid said is the first step...
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Have you used the HP Driver scrubber on the CD?
HP LaserJet 3015, 3020, 3030, and 3380 All-in-One Printers - Using the Scrubber Utility
Also delete any reamining HP installer files on the C drive.
permapipeAuthor Commented:
Thank you Mr.MASQUERAID: &rexifelis: . The problem has been solved after changing the usb cable.  Still i confused  because that faulty cable i am using now with hp 1280 printer without any problem and its cable shifted to hp 3030 prblem printer.  My question is if the usb cable issue how it is being detected ?? If the cable is faulty how it is working fine with 1280 printer ??   .  Mr. MAsqueraid thank u for your kind and quick response and that option i already tried and before
Mr. Rexifelis reply it is ok.  
the faulty (or just low quaility) USB cable is good enough to set up the device... but it cannot handle the amount of data that would go through it when it scans documents... but is good enough to print documents to your inkjet hp 1280.  my recommendation is to not use that cable for anything in your office, to make sure it does not get mixed in with anything else and accidentally used for something that requires USB 2 speeds and causing problems again.

glad i could help!
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