DFS on NAS Server 2003 to replicate to Server 2008 - alternative third party programs

Hi experts,

Our exciting NAS is running great with the classic setup of shared folders. I would like to have the benefit and security of a replicating my shares on to my 2008 server that is running idle.

Our NAS is Server 2003, not R2 (Windows Server 2003 Appliance Edition). Our Server 2008 is running test only and it would be great to have the option of backup and speed when accessing the shares.

On the NAS I have added a new root as domain root. Host domain name is our domain.dk and the root has been AD published. I have created a new target  \\nasserver\compnay shares\

Question is now  who to talk to my 2008 Server and proper settings to enhance speed and backup?

Alternative to DFS since i have learned that 2003 DFS is not all the great is third party program e.g. Second Copy 7 or PowerFolder

Thanks in advance.
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Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:

hey refer to this article on how to get DFS working on windows 2008


i think windows 2008 DFS is a better solution than windows 2003 DFS.

Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
dsl77Author Commented:
Can i use the Server 2008 DFS and not configure anything on the NAS?
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Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
yes you can use win2008 DFS. for this to work the pre-requisite is that the participating members should be one win3008 server atleast and the member servers can be win2003 and DFS works only within forest. i.e. the participating servers should be part of the same root domain.

the enhancements if 2008 DFS over 2003 is explained in this article


For a step by step instructions refer to the first link i provided from MS.

refer to the EE link i posted for how to or for a example scenario

dsl77Author Commented:
When i trying to add the NAS (2003 non-r2) as Replication Group Member i get this error: "The DFS Replication service is not installed". Any ideas? /David
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:

have enabled the file server role on this win 2003 NAS.

check this link


dsl77Author Commented:
Sorry, I know it's late - but my NAS is not R2 version. So i don't have to option to install the DFS Replication Service. If i'm missing something here, please feel in blanks ...
dsl77Author Commented:
I'm trying to move my NAS over to Hyper-V - but that is currently creating some problems. In the mean time, could i use Second Copy 7 or PowerFolder.

Any recommendations or learnings!?

dsl77Author Commented:
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
hi dsl,

second copy is a good option to use. would suggest moving the files to a windows 2003 R2 or a windows 2008 server to be able to use the DFS replication features.


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dsl77Author Commented:
Thanks ... i'll use second copy until it possible to use R2 or 2008 - thanks! :)
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