Cooler is not slowing down.

Dear Hardware Expert,

I have bought myself a new graphical Card Nvidia 9800 GT to replace
my old 7800GT. Quality of graphics has improved great, though i have
a problem with the cooling system. When i boot up my pc, the cooler
of the graphical card is running without much noise. You almost
don't hear it. If i start a game, for example crysis, the cooler goes
into a higher gear, to keep up with the cooling. Then it makes
much more noise. But this is not the real problem, while im
gaming and bullets and grenades are flying past my ears,
the cooling noise is not a big deal. But when i stop the game,
and go back to windows, the cooler does NOT slow down, even if i
leave my pc on idle for hours, the cooler will not slow down.
Even if hibernate or restart, he will NOT slow down. The only
way to slow him down is to completely shut my pc off and restart
again. And that's the problem, it takes a lott of time to restart pc,
so my question is, is it possible to slow this down Without the restart?
You're help is very appreciated

Kind regards
Steven Vervliet
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My suggestion would be:
1. Run a temperature monitor program to monitor GPU temperature
2. Run a 3D application and make the fan to spin
3. Check the temperature on the monitor - it should have gone up
4. Close the 3D application and keep an eye out for the temperature change
5. If the temperature drops but the fan doesn't slow down - update your driver or graphic card firmware
    If the temperature reading doesn't change - the sensor probably has gone bad - send it back to the manufacturer.

Or, you can always replace the stock cooler with an after market one.

You should be able to control the fan with RivaTune or ATITool.
stevenvervlietAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the reply,

i have downloaded the program rivatune. I just don't now
how to control the fan with this program. And i dont
wanne do anything wrong.

Kind regards
I had a similar issue on one of my 8800gt's so i replaced the coolers on both with these and they work great it cools better and is much quieter.
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