How to set Router's System Time using NTP

I am trying to set my RV082 to "Set The Local Time Using NTP Automatically". So, I go to it's admin page, then select Setup | Time, and then I:
 - Select Radio Button "Set The Local Time Using NTP Automatically"
 - Select the appropriate time zone
 - Enter an NTP server:
 - Click on "Save Settings" and wait for browser to indicate setting are saved.
 - Power Router down and back up and wait a while.

When I got to "View System Log", the date/time is still in July, 2006.

 - When does the router do its Sync with the Time Server?
 - Is there a way to tel the router to "Go Sync with the Time Server NOW"?
 - What is the syntax for the "NTP Server" textbox? I just put "". Do I need to add the protocol prefix? If so, what is it? "NTP://"?

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Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
first, set the time on the router within a few minutes of the accurate time, or it may not take.

then you can set the time server to "" (pretty cool rotating service)

You can then test it by checking the time after you save your settings, and see if it corrected it by the few minutes.
I would wait a few hours and check your router's log before concluding that it will not work.

There is no URI prefix for ntp.
Just specify a server name like you have.

However, since you have specified a hostname: it's only going to work if DNS works on your router.

Make sure you have configured the router to either have a proper list of DNS servers as provided by your ISP

Or that DNS servers are configured on your router automatically through DHCP.

In either case, check the router status page for active DNS servers
and attempt to verify they are working, i.e.

Start Menu>Run>cmd

nslookup    (DNS SERVER1 IP)
nslookup    (DNS SERVER2 IP)

If there is a firewall between your router and your ISP equipment, it is also necessary to allow NTP traffic  on UDP port 123 and TCP port 123   on your firewall.

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It can take a few minutes for the router to get around to adjusting the time.  i've had better luck with than with

Try using the IP address of a time server..
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