windows vista - clicked on sleep - pressed the power button to turn off pc - will not restart or turn on

my son clicked the sleep button instead of the shut down button on windows vista home premium.
he freaked and instead of having me show him how to get it out of sleep mode,
he shut the system down by powering it off.

i have tried to restart the system several times, nothing happens.
i installed the startup disk = nothing

i have tested the power supply just in case - all works
motherboard [ asus p5l-mx ] light is on and green

i was going to pull the battery on the board to try to restart, but before i do
i wanted some others input on this situation before i tinker to much.

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MrNiss99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I wouldn't pull the battery that is your CMOS battery and probably has nothing to do with your problem, all that will do is reset settings in your BIOS. So you don't even get the Microsoft progress bar? Have you tried booting into safe mode yet? Follow these instructions to get into safe mode:

Restart the PC.
As soon as the boot up begins, press the F8 key. It's more successful if you tap continually at F8 until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears
If you receive a "keyboard error" message, reboot the PC and start again. .
Using the arrow keys select Safe Mode if it is not selected.
Select Safe mode and then press Enter.

If you are able to get into safe mode then I would just try the reboot and see what happens. Try this and see if that works, keep us posted.

Hope this helps.
webdottAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick response

i may have asked inproperly.
the issue was not that windows was not starting
i was not getting anyresponse from the system, it would not power up.

i had to disconnect the power & reset switches from the case to motherboard
i then jumped the power on metal jacks on the motherboard by connecting the [+] and [-]
with a small flat head screw driver. [ of coarse i was grounded with a grounding sleeve ]

this jump started the system and gave me the windows screen.
after start up, i shut the system down by clicking the shut off button in windows.
i then reconnected the power & reset switches to the motherboard.
i am now able to restart the systam and everything is back to normal.

the answer here did not solve my issue, but is very good advice to others who may have trouble
booting their windows vista. if this was my issue, his answer would have worked.
i am accepting the answer and rewarding the points. after all, finding solutions is what this
website is all about and i thank everyone for helping out.
webdottAuthor Commented:
thanks for answering my question and helping
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