Adaptec 5805 RAID Array not visable in Vista-64

I have recently changed by RAID Arrays from an "embedded" setup (using on-board controllers) to a dedicated Raid Controller plugged into a PCIx8 slot.  I purchased the Adaptec 5805.  It has two (2) connectors; CN0 and CN1; each of which can accept 4 drives = 8 total.  I am using six drives as follows:
CN1 = Raid 0 with two (2) WD 300 Raptors in RAID-0 with my OS and apps on that array
CN2 = Raid 5 with three (3) Seagate ST31500 (1.5tb) drives in RAID 5 for all of my data

Both RAID Arrays were built in the Adaptec BIOS and are confirmed, verified and optimized in BIOS.  When I boot into Vista and run the Adaptec Storage Manager, both Arrays show up there, too -- and seem to be just fine.  It shows volumes in "optimal" status (see attached screen shot).

However, I am unable to "see" the Raid-5 Array in Vista-64's Disk Management utility, thus I am unable to create a partition and format it for use (see second screen shot)

I am running Vista-64 with 8GB of RAM.  I am using Adaptec Storage Manager 6.0x and that utility and I have the most recent BIOS from Gigabyte for my mobo.  These arrays worked fine when they were used on the "embedded" controllers.  Now, Vista can't see them all with a dedicated controller.  

Various screen shots showing device manager, driver versions, etc. are all attached.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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DO you happen to have any other OS's installed ?

The drives are working fine, but you can not do any partition changes ?
Try using third party to create partitions.
Free System Rescue CD with data recovery, and partitioning programs

I hope this helps !
BAmillerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice above, but I learned (the hard way) that the Seagate 1.5 TB drives that I was using were NOT compatible with the Adaptec 5805 controller.  I was told by Adaptec  Support that they would only troubleshoot a system that has drives from their "approved" list.   I pulled the Seagates and replaced them with four (4) Samsung HE103UG (1-TB, 7200 SATA) in RAID-5 (2.728 TB usable) and now everything works AOK!

Go figure!

Thanks for your responses anyway -- but case is now closed.  

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