Hello Experts,

I am looking for some docs that would show as to how SNMP works.  I've just installed nagios and it is running and doing some monitoring, but now I want to monitor utilizing SNMP.  Struggling to find some docs that would explain the basic fundamentals of SNMP.  Any links or suggestions re: this subject matter would greatly be appreciated.

As always, thank you for your time on this mater.
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This is from the TCP/IP Guide which covers most of the TCP/IP technologies briefly, but in depth enough to get you a working knowledge.

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Here is very easy way to understand.........
Download evaluation version of Orion, or Toolset, probably toolset is little easier to begin with.
Choose hardware to monitor, and enable SNMP , usially "public" used to obtain info  from devices, and "private" to set configuration.
SNMP use UDP 161 and  UDP 162 -remember keep them open on firewalls.
You can set WinXP boxes to monitor very easy- "services"-snmp-snmp "public" and make it run in"automatic".
If no "SNMP service" present under admin tools- services....installed by "windows components" using WinXP CD.
To start all this should not take too long,  probably can be achieved incouple hours.
keep in mind though that for the firewall rules its 161/udp from the monitoring server to the monitored device and 162/udp from the monitored device to the monitoring server.

This is because 161/udp is the default port for snmp polling and 162/udp is the default for snmp traps.

For future reference, if you plan to give someone less than an A grade, it would be helpful if you could give some feedback as to why the comments given was not considered a complete solution and what could be made clearer as well.  With no comment, we can only guess as to what we think is a solution for your question and not realize we may not be interpreting what you're asking complete correctly.  Thanks.
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