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Laptop won't power up

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2515 which won't power up. This started yesterday, when the power icon in the task bar wouldn't change from a red warning tre battery power to show being attached to AC power. I have eliminated the various power cords as an issue, plus I have changed the battery. What can i do to find where the problem is?
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So you have checked that the power cord is giving appropriate voltage out of the end?

If so check that there is no damage to the connector on the laptop itself.

If you have a spare battery, plug that in and try booting.

Is there any response at all? Do power lights come on when you plug the power in?
It sounds like your adapter is not working - or not putting out the correct voltage anymore (as MazzaRC stated). The other possibility is that the power connector on the notebook is damaged - even though you might not be able to tell.
You can use a voltmeter to determine if you are getting the correct voltage out of the adapter. If you are it is most likely the power connecter on the notebook. If you are not the adapter is not working correctly and you need to replace it.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
peter2407Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response. As far as the power adapter is concerned - I have 3 and have used them all on this and another laptop. They all work fine with the other laptop. I have changed the battery and again no change. Are there any fuses that might have blown? if yes,any idea where they are? Any other batteries on board that might cause this?
If your CMOS battery was dead you would still be able to boot - just your bios settings would not save when you lost power. As for the fuses they are usually intergrated into the motherboard in their own units and it is not really possiable to replace. Sorry.

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