Outlook 2007/Exchange 2003 Free/Busy Issues

We are running Exchange Server 2003 SP2 with Outlook 2007 SP1 clients.  On a recent reboot of the server, the free/busy information for users who were not logged in at the time became unavailable for viewing by others.  Those who were on site and logged in at the time were unaffected.
We have attempted to open Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch on the affected clients, and that did not work.  We also attempted to force the same through scheduling an appointment and that also did not work.
The permissions on the Schedule+FreeBusy folder have Everyone and Authenticated Users with Read permissions.
Running AutoConfiguration on the client provides a number of failures as shown in the attached file.
We have found that afer a couple of hours of being logged in, the clients who we have tested appointments with begin to show their status.  We are not sure why this happens, either, but would like to somehow force it to happen more quickly.
Any thoughts on how we can further troubleshoot this issue?  Your help will be much appreciated.
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Magnus BIT-supportCommented:
Sounds like a policy thing. Try gpupdate /force from START > Run on the client and see if that helps.
SRC_ITAuthor Commented:
No, that did not work.
SRC_ITAuthor Commented:
We figured the only way to resolve this was to send a meeting to everyone and have them accept, then let it update as it will (default 15 minutes).  So, if someone has a good explanation for why this might have occurred, so that we can avoid it in the future, I will award points.  Otherwise, I'll accept my comment as solution.  Thanks!

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