VMware ESX 3.5 Connecting Physical to Virtual ?

I have a Dell Ms300i Iscsi storage array . I plan to make a 1.5 TB ESX VMFS Disk , then use VMware converter to import 3 Physical servers to VM on that one 1.5 VMFS disk, the size is 1 VM 434.5 GB, 1 VM 30GB and 1VM  50GB, then make backup VMs on the the same 1.5 TB ESX VMFS Disk.

I'm new to VMware Converter, my question is; if the first phsical server is C:\ 45GB and E: 389 GB the VMware converter only P2Vs one drive at a time. Do I need to setup another Disk drive on the MD3000i an  NTFS volume to add to the VM as Drive E: and robycopy E:\ drive data from the physical server ?
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TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
Yes you can select which partitions to migrate and choose a new (larger) size for them.
Converter does support multiple hard drives.  Are you seeing them both on the "Source Data" part of the conversion wizard?

 Make sure they are both checked, and now is a really good time to resize those partitions if you need to make some adjustments.

Here's a picture of the screen I'm talking about.
cap7Author Commented:
I did'nt  get the picture, but are you saying I can chosse both disk partitions and resized them before I import ?

Can I add a new disk partition on the VM with Windows Disk Adminsitrator and copy drive E: from he physical server drive E: ?
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