Cannot see devices in the Device view

Windows Server 2003 SP2 (Just got upgraded from SP1)
Autoloader 1/8 HP storageworks G1
BrightStor ArcServe 11.5 SP3 build 4402

We were doing the security patches of Microsoft (reason why we passed from SP1 to SP2). Just before we were able to see the devices. Proof I took a backup before doing the updates.

After the update you go in Device and you see no groups nothing.

When you do Device Configuration you can see the device but no can see in the Device window

When you do group configuration I can still see my groups but I cannot see it from Device.

What can cause that ? What could fix this ?
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psytorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We found out what was the problem.

The tapeeng.dll was not the good version to work with a G1 and SP2 (Windows)

We changed the DLL and HOP everything is back in ArcServe

Thanks for your help tho
bhanukir7Connect With a Mentor Commented:

when you say you dont see the autoloader in the "device manager" tab of ca arcserve or is that in windows device manager.

can you please update on this. If you are not able to see the autoloader and the tape drive in windows device manager then you should perform a shutdown of your backup server, autoloader and then bring the autoloader online first. Once the device status is ready then bring the back up server online.

can you upload the screen shot where you dont see the device. The reason why you see the device when you run the device configuration is because the information of the autoloader is stored in the registry under

HKLM\software\computer associates\brightstor arcserve backup\base\tapeengine\

the group information is also located there

post with the screeshot if possible

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