Multiple VPN Connections from the same IP

I have setup a dedicated server at a datacenter which host files and requires some type of access to those files from multiple sites.

My simple solution was to allow VPN connections to the server and so I configured VPN using Microsoft Windows 2003 RRA.

It was a success and clients were able to connect to the server using VPN "dialer" which comes with Windows XP / Vista.

Up Until we realised that any clients who are behind the same IP can only connect once (1) at a time. If a second user attempts to connect from the same IP it gets stuck at verification. Some of these clients have up to 4 computers from the same IP which need to directly VPN to the server.

After doing some research, it seems that each client would need to buy expensive Cisco "VPN Concentrator" hardware to allow more then 1 VPN connections to the same server.

Is this correct? Or Is there any other way around this issue that's even simpler?
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JascotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One of my customers had that problem a few months back. They had a remote office where two laptops used PPTP to connect to their main office. Either one could connect just fine, but if one was connected and the other connected, the first would be knocked off. That office was using a very cheap and very old Linksys BEFSR41 router that didn't handle the VPN passthrough very well. We were able to switch it out with a moderately priced Netgear FVS318 router and they were both able to connect fine after that. The Netgear was obviously able to keep the two PPTP sessions separated properly while the Linksys could not. That might work for a cheaper fix for you if replacing out the router is an option.
ultramooAuthor Commented:
That looks to be exactly what i'm after!

So in short I need a router which supports VPN Pass-Through which will allow multiple PPTP connections. I will try this out asap. Thank you!
ultramooAuthor Commented:
One quick question. I've noticed the router you provided supports 8x IPSec (Which at this stage I won't need), but PPTP connections can it handle more then that?
I'm afraid I don't know how many simultaneous PPTP connections it can track. I know I've had 3 simultaneous running through one before without problem, but I have no idea what the limitations are. You might try emailing for pre-sales support to ask that question. should work for that.
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