What is the procedure for resetting the Configuration Password in the laptop's BIOS?

i have just purchased a few Dell Laititude CPi laptops.  I was planning on installing WindowsXP on them.  
What i usually do is hit F12 on the boot up and it brings me to the boot menu.

However, this feature was disabled , as i looked further into it, I see that there is a Configuration Password enabled inside of the BIOS setup.

How do i reset this config password so that I can install Windows XP?  is there a way around this?
any ideas will help! thank you.
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You will need to contact Dell and give proof of ownership and they will help.
You may also need to transfer ownership also.

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CPi, as in P II laptops?

If yo're lucky, the PW will reset if you remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes. Otherwise as sparkmaker said. Or talk to the seller... "the password or my money back", or something to that effect. Selling PW-protected units without the PW is really not the way to conduct business. Also, make a note to self, to check BIOS setup next time ... :)

You need to remove the Bios jumper on the motherboard depending on the laptop model this is no easy task. what model laptop is this? Removing the cmos battery will not clear passwords they are written to the ROM.
The removal of the CMOS battery equals the "moving of the jumper" for the CMOS; it's all about resetting the CMOS memory by rendering it powerless for a few moments. The BIOS in itself (the ROM) will not be altered by such measures. To change BIOS info, a "flash" operation is needed. That can't be done unless you can boot the unit with something that can run the flash programme.
sam928Author Commented:
hello, I have removed the CMOS battery and actually replaced it with a new one.  This however did not clear/reset the password. (config password)

@ABN38,, i will try to remove the bios jumper and let you know what happens.

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