ISA 2004 and 504 Proxy Timeouts for SSL sites

Have arrived at work this morning to find that we cannot access any SSL sites through one of our ISA 2004 servers.  We get the following error message in users browsers.

Technical Information (for Support personnel)
Error Code: 504 Proxy Timeout. The connection timed out. For more
information about this event, see ISA Server Help. (10060)
IP Address:
Date: 09/11/2008 1:36:34 PM
Source: proxy

Nothings changed (that I know of) and has been working fine for years till this morning. I've had a bit of Google on this and by the looks others have had this similar issue appear out of nowhere, but there doesnt appear to be a specific fix

Any one have any ideas?

Weve another site with its own ISA 2004 server and this is fine.

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kswan_expertConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This was due to a problem with our Firewall running out of ports, rebooted firewall and all was well.
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