mixed static/dhcp on a single router

Is this possible.  We live in an apartment complex with college kids.  For that reason, I have decided to set our router up to only use static IPs.  My wife is beginning to tell her friends she can fix their PCs for them.  Since I no longer have the time, this is a great solution for us in getting her some additional income.  So the issue now becomes, how do we connect wireless and wired PCs to our network in the most efficient way possible as I would rather not have to remember to 'set it back to dhcp' before the customer leaves.

I need to be able to somehow 'say when' for on/off network so as not to connect before the viruses have been cleaned as well.

The first thing I thought of was restricting DHCP to a particular router port but this would not work because I don't know whether that's possible in my Linksys WRP200 router, and then where does wireless go?

I need some brainstorming on how I can make this easy for wired or wireless, and with only one router and/or access point?
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you can  make your router act as dhcp server for both wires and wireless/
explain this more please:
'I need to be able to somehow 'say when' for on/off network so as not to connect before the viruses have been cleaned as well.'

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Page 11. this is the WRP400 but I would assume they are close..

Setup DHCP and use the static setting to set their IP by MAC address.. and for wireless use a WPA password and maybe even access by MAC to keep others from giving the password out.. Then you don't have to change the TCP from DHCP.
verpitAuthor Commented:
Excellent news that I can set DHCP separately for wired and wireless.  This gets me most of the way.  

On your question, what I meant was:  When I connect a user's PC to our network, it will have been cleaned or be a fresh OS install.  That is to say, that I don't want it to automatically 'connect' when I turn it on (especially if it is infected).  I need to be able to specify when it comes online.  Come to think of it though, this is really unimportant as I  will do this with a button on the laptop (for wireless) or by not plugging it in (for wired).

If wireless, I still don't want to forget to set it back to dhcp so at this stage, it now appears that is my only real issue.  So how to resolve that is the question?
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Kinda jumped the gun there did you?  You had more quesitons which my response clearly addressed..
verpitAuthor Commented:

DHCP for both wired/wireless
wpa for wireless
done deal!

now I can 1.choose to connect or not for both wired and wireless 2.leave dhcp 3.not have to reset anything when they leave
verpitAuthor Commented:
wpa security concern

I had set static due to security concerns that wpa wasn't secure enough even with SSID hidden.   Is wpa safe.  Can't a college kid easily crack wpa and get regarless of the fact that the SSID is hidden?
This question is already closed.. you accepted the 1st answer.

But it the spirit of goodness.. WPA is almost impossible to crack.
WPA is th  most hard type of encryption type as  DMTechGrooup said
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