How can I troubleshoot SMTP on SBS 2003?

How can I troubleshoot SMTP on SBS 2003 SP1
I can telnet the ISP smtp server but cannot send email, or reply to email that we are receiving?
Ive checked the SMTP Connector and believe it is OK.
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I'd have a look at the queues (Servers->Servername->Queues) are the messages stuck here? If so, you'll be able to see why.

If not. I would enable message tracking (Servers -> Right click server name -> Properties -> General -> 'Enable message tracking'. Then I'd send a bunch of test emails and have a look at the log file.

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Admin_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks stesom
Theiy are in the Queues
Its states Active but it does not send them.
I disabled the Outbound Mail, then Enabled Outbound Mail.
Its is sitting on 'Active' but mail is still not moving.
I right clicked and Unfreeze - no difference.
What do I do next
Admin_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I could not remember where the server queue was.
Thanks very much for taking the time.
I am going to get a years subscription at the end of the trial.
Thanks again
Have a look at the smallbusiness SMTP connector (Connectors -> SmallBusiness SMTP connectors) Is it set to use DNS to route the mails, or does it forward all mails through a smart host?

If it uses DNS and thereby sends the mails itself, your ISP might have blocked outgoing SMTP traffic (they do this to stop open relays). Test if this is the case by telnetting any other SMTP server on port 25 (telnet 25 for example). If it is blocked, the ISP will most likely have a relay server you are supposed to use, this should be setup as the smarthost.

If you allready use a smarthost, you should check wether you can authenticate with it correctly.

Lastly look in the evenlog and enable message tracking like I previously mentioned, feel free to post here again.
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