Can't install oracle 10 g


I get the below error message while I try to install Oracle 10 g. This is a new computer that never had Oracle before. The computer is not on the domain. I try to run Oracle as administrator but still get the same error.
Error Message:
You do not have the necessary permissions to  write to the inventory at \\\install$\program files\Oracle\Inventory. Please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to perform the installation.
I tried to install the oracle home on C:\oracle but I get the same error.

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It sounds like you need write permissions to your install source.
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
You may be overlooking your own answer -- if the client computer is not on the domain, then your failure to reach a domain directory may be for that reason.  The prior answer, however, is clearly on track.  
Even if you were on the network, your local installation is still blocked from updating the inventory on a remote database server -- it should only be looking for the inventory on your local box.
Lastly, you try a local client installation (C:\oracle) and you say you raise the same error -- meaning you cannot write to the remote inventory?  How does that differ from the first approach?  Was it perhaps a similar message, but not an identical one?
Were I in your shoes, I would be reading the install logs very, very carefully, and perhaps running oraInstall just to query what's really on your local box.  Hope this helps.

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guarumalAuthor Commented:

If the computer is not on the domain. Why it is looking to a home that is on the domain. I do not get it.

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DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Let's dig in.  Please attach your installation log file, and the results to the DOS command "SET".
is this location \\\install$\program files\Oracle\Inventory where you are installing to or installing from?
guarumalAuthor Commented:

Can you tell me how to get the log files? The \\\install$\program files\Oracle\Inventory  is not the location where I am installing or from where I am installing.

guarumalAuthor Commented:

This is the error that I get when I try to install oracle:
OUI-10038: You do not have the necessary permissions to write to the inventory at \\\install$\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory. Please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to perform the installation.

The \\ is a share drive. The laptop is not mapped to this share drive when I try to install Oracle.

Any idea what is causing this error.

Something in the install script is trying to write to that location.  Has someone customized the install script?  If you install with an account that has write permissions to that location does it work?  The laptop does not have to have any specific mapping because it is using a UNC instead of a mapped drive.  Have you tried to do an install with the laptop off of the network?

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