RWW Not Accessable After ISA 2004 Install

Can not connect via RWW after ISA 2004 install.  Im saying this because before it was installed it ran fine so its not our modem or ISP blocking the ports.

After running "connect to internet"  and allowing access to RWW and OWA it doesnt help.

Then if i look at the ISA rules "SBS RWW Inbound Web Publishing Rule" it looks like its being automatically configured for 4125 "outbound".  Seems like a bug??  why would that be?  Even after changing it to "inbound" (then applying it) that still doesnt open up 4125 becasue when i check it on that port remains closed.  This is driving me up a wall.

Please help!

Attached is a screen shot of the policies (all default)
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XChangingITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Okay i solved it. accessing RWW from the IP and i had to put the IP in the web certificate field during the connect to internet wizard.  I didnt think that had anything to do with remote access!

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