verify tar archive

have one more doubt regarding tar command. i have extracted the tar file, say test.tar , to the folder "ABC".
Now i removed some files and changed the contents of some other files in the folder "ABC".
Is there any way to check the files in the folder "ABC" aganist the test.tar.
In short, what is the way to VERIFY the contents of extracted tar file against tar file
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Julian ParkerSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
You could list the contents of the tar file and compare the files to an ls -al output.

I dont believer there is a specific verify option in tar.
1) Create directory "ABCD"
2) Extract tar file to "ABCD"
3) Run 'diff' or 'dircmp" on "ABC" and "ABCD" as in dircmp -s ABC ABCD

Hope this does it.
Good Luck
You are asking two seperate questions.  The first is comparing the files on the system to those in the tar file and the second is verifying the tar file.

To verify the validity of the tar file, do

tar tf file.tar

If it is corrupted, you'll get a tar error.

To compare the files on the system against the files in the tar file, extract the tar file to a temporary location, eg:

cd /tmp
tar xvf file.tar
dircmp /tmp/ABC /real/locations/ABC

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To me, you seem to be asking only one question which was already answered.
conversekidAuthor Commented:
Hi 97WideGlide:,
I am afraid I dint really understand what you are saying..

However thanks everyone for you help..

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