DEP Closing Explorer when opening a Photo Album Folder

Since 2 days i got problems opening some of my picture folders
The Problem only occurs on Folders of the Type Photo Album
when i open such folder Windows DEP closes my Explorer
when i switch the type to anything else, the folder opens fine
switching it back to photo album, an the problem returns
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This is definitely a problem with one of your installed codecs. You can use process-monitor ( to monitor what explorer.exe is doing. Run process monitor and try to reproduce the error by accessing this folder. You will see the last file that was accessed. This is probably an avi-file. Use a tool like GSpot ( to see what codecs are used to access this avi-file. Uninstall that codec. There might be multiple codecs that give you this problem. Repeat the above untill explorer doesn't crash anymore.

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if you feel safe using your computer and wish to stop DEP monitoring explorer:
- Control panel > system > Advanced > Performance > Data Execution Prevention tab > Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select: > Tick 'Windows Explorer'.
yanivyonAuthor Commented:
there are no videos in the folder
just 10 jpegs

disabeling DEP is not a solution, sorry
Please follow my instructions anyway. Explorer processes files in the background. Also files in folders that you opened before (maybe in the parent folder My Documents). It does this for generating thumbnails, filling the duration column, etc. If you have process monitor running (filter on process Explorer.exe) it will show you the last file that was accessed. I will very probably be an avi, or other media file and the codec that was used to process the file is the problem. Locate it and uninstall it. I'm quite sure that will solve your problem. I've seen this happen more than once.
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