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I have a HDD that has been partitioned into 4 seperate drives for various file types, i took this drive out of my PC because i bought a new one to replace this drive. I hooked the partitioned drive to a IDE to USB gadget so that i could take all the data off the drive and then format it but when i plugged it in to my laptop 2 of the partitions won't open, they say they need to be formatted but the other 2 partitions are fine they open ok, The 2 partitions that won't open are both 50Gb in size and was full of music & Software, when i look in computer management to view the drives it says that the 2 drives that are causing me problems are empty but i haven't deleted or formatted either of them, does anyone know why this has happened and have any ideas
Or does anyone know of any great data recovery software programs that can help me out here?

Thanks, Craig
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Active@ Partition Recovery is good with a simple interface
Hello Lolash,

1. Data Recovery
PC Inspector
Active Undelete
Flash Recovery
TestDisk & utilities

Recovery My Files
Restorer 2000
Easy Recovery
Zero Assumption
Data Recovery Wizard Prof
2. You may need to unhide hidden files to see them. Open Windows Explorer folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

3. You may need to take ownership of folders and files to access them.

Hope this helps!

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GetDataBack has a pretty good reputation:

Check out this link for another good one that is even free, but takes a time to get acquainted to:

There are more free commandline operated tools on the Ultimate Boot CD:

If all these fail, you could still try Spinrite, a miraculous little tool:

Good luck.
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LolashAuthor Commented:
thanks I will try all these, has anyone any ideas as to why this has happened, that they are showing as empty partitions when they were full as I haven't deleted any data from these 2 partitions
can you access thed ata if you hook the disk directly to the ide cable as original ?
The problem may just be because the BIOS and/or version of Windows on your laptop cannot deal with partitions of that size.

What are the sizes of the two partitions that ARE recognised?
>> "and have any ideas"

Mainly three ideas that come to mind here:

1. Your laptop cannot cope with the file system type of those drives.
If your laptop OS is Windows98/Me or older, it will not be able to read NTFS partitions; the same applies, of course, if those drives were Unix formatted (on a dual boot system).
-> Very unlikely.

2. The physical manipulations of the drive damaged its partition table.
On top of that, only the information was corrupted that regards those two partitions whereas the rest of boot record and file table remained intact.
-> Pretty unlikely.

3. Those two were "special" drives, i.e. compressed, encrypted, mounted or what not.
If you used the option to compress those drives that comes with the XP Ntfs management, I should expect another XP system to be able to access those drives, but a Win2k system, for instance, will not be.
Also, there are a lot of third party utilities which can be used for such a task. They work via drivers that need to be installed and running on the system, otherwise volumes manipulated by them may not be recognized.
LolashAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all i will take in and try everything given to me
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