Any way to "unremove" Safely Remove Hardware?

I have a internal card reader with the usual SD, CF, MS and MMC card slots.I sometimes remove the SD slot using "Safely Remove Hardware".  This removes ALL the associated "drive" letters (4). Then I realise I want to use the SD slot again.
Is there anyway I can "unremove" the "Safely Remove Hardware" without having to reboot?
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I know it is not possible with Windows XP - what OS is it you use?
Normally if you safely remove hardware, you have to pull and replug the device in. Since your media reader is connected directly to the USB header on your motherboard instead of just being a device you plug into one of the ports.... you can't do it without rebooting.

But there's a slim chance you can just re-add the drive letters back... go to Start->Cotnrol Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management. Select the "Computer Management->Storage->Disk Management" item on the left and try to find your removable devices on the right. If you can find them, you may be able to right click on them and click "Change Drive Letter and Paths" to add the drive letter back.
Normally you don't have to use the safely remove hardware feature because most portable storage devices, be it microSD or flash drives, etc, are set to allow fast removing of them.
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Very simple, just go to device manager, disable USB driver, wait a few seconds then enable it again, you will get that, I've tested it before posting, it must work!

louwinAuthor Commented:
A couple of responses:-

lamaslany - I am using XP Pro and I suspect you are right.

Dizzybro - I generally realise this but for safety sometimes prefer to use the "Safely Remove" option.

Frosty555 - Disk Management does NOT list the removed devices so this solution doesn't work, sorry

Mc7400 - re-enabling the USB driver requires a reboot so isn't the solution I wanted either.

I'll see if anyone comes up with another possible solution....
I've checked my solution again, it works without rebooting, but please disable the root USB driver which is called USB enhanced host controller in my system, after that all the USB drivers will disappear only the mentioned one will stay with red mark on it, point the mouse with right button and enable it, if you don't get that with the red mark then you may have disable some other one.

To identify the root, change the view into device by connection.

I've just tried mc7400's suggestion and I have seen that it works for devices that have not been "safely removed", but I cannot get it to work for safely removed devices. These devices will appear in device manager with an exclaimation point beside them, and the description is:

"Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for "safe removal", but it has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47). To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again."

I've verified this by using DEVCON (command line version of device manager) to manually remove, restart, and rescan for my own usb key. It only works if the device hasn't been prepped for safe removal.

Similarely, using a usb card reader, I can identify the device in device manager under it's own heading (smart card readers). Using DEVCON I can remove and re-add the device, but if I had previously ejected the device, I can't get it back without unplugging / replugging.

So louwin think your SOL on this one. If you safely remove the hardware, you lose the ability to re-add it without unplugging / replugging. Since your card reader is internal, you can't unplug / replug so your only option is to restart the computer.
louwinAuthor Commented:
I didn't want to be right but....
Since lamaslany gave the correct solution from the start so got the more points and Frosty555 spent more time with the problem got some points too.
I think you have to update your system and the driver, because I'm doing that with safe removal, in past that problem was exist, I know it, but now it is working properly.

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