How to check name server propogation?

Is there a website that will allow me to see what name server a particular domain name is pointing to through my ISP?  For example, I might change my domain's name server and it could take a day or two before that is cached out with my ISP.  Until then, it points to the old name server.  I'd like to see what name server the ISP is currently referencing.  Is there a site for that?
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MysidiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do this from a command prompt

For example, in windows
Start Menu > Run > cmd

at the C:  prompt type 'nslookup'

set type=NS
server (IP address of YOUR ISP's name server)

server (IP address of  your ISP's secondary name server)

You can normally see the list of your PC's configured nameservers by using the command

in windows.

*In a UNIX environment, the nslookup command is also commonly available.
Or see 'man dig'

dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
While the answer provided by Mysidia is correct, the original poster was asking about a web site that would provide this information. Also, the problem with this method is that it looks only at the records being held by your own ISP, and does not look as if it was a client elsewhere on the Internet. used to do a fantastic job of running many various tests against your domain, however they now charge for more than just very basic information.
However, is a very good replacement.

Visit that site, and right at the top is a DNS lookup tool. If you want to check what your name servers are currently set to, enter your domain name, and pick NS from the dropdown menu. Click GO and your results are returned.

brettrAuthor Commented:
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Just for further information...

It looks like one of the better reports that used to be offered at is now also offered elsewhere... and for free.
Check out for something better than what you can find at
brettrAuthor Commented:
Nice.  Thanks.
These tools are useful.   Domaintools  should be mentioned:

There are thousands of web-based services that will allow you to ask questions about domain names,   very few that will let you query DNS servers of your choice.

And as far as I know, none of these tools  (or no tools offered for free by any major website), will let you for free..

So you can't exactly query your ISP's caching DNS servers like you want to.

You can query authoritative DNS servers for the domain; however.

Check also this site, here is a Free check
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