Can I recover the data from a RIAD 1+0 who is in status : FAILED ?

On a server equiped with a Tyan MB (S5380 with last BIOS) we did install a PCI Express Raid CT (ARECA PCE 1210) and this in order to run a RAID 1+0 Array composed by 4 x 500 GB HDD (Seagate WD5000YS with last firmware) and giving us 1 TB of usable storage. All this in order to operate a Web server running CentOS and Virtuozzo and some plesk Virtual server, etc.

The wierd story is as follow :
Since the beginning of the server operation and a regular base the Ch03 HD of the RAID set jumped out of the array all the time.

In the mean time, we did suspect a bad luck on the Hard disk installed in Ch03 disk bay and change it.
Approx. 15 to 30 minutes after the rebuild of the new Ch03 Hard disk, same problem& the new rebuillded Hard disk was ejected by the controller from the Array !! Strange isnt ?

So, we decided to leave the system run for some time with 3 disks in the Array (leaving Ch03 bay empty). What was our surprise when we had to go to the Data center due to the fact that our SSH connection to the server could not be established while the virtual Web server where still operative !

When at the Data center & bad news, ch01 HD and Ch04 Hard disks where in Alarm, leaving us with only ONE HARD Disk on the road !!!

We rebooted the server & no way ! NO OPERATING SYSTEM found and no rebuild of the RAID Set either.

Suspecting the Raid controller from ARECA (ARC 1210), we then installed a new CT (again a ARC 1210), patching it with  the last Firmware and added a fresh Hard disk (WD5000YS) into the empty bay on Ch03.

Still impossible to boot, so we entered into the ARECA RAID Controller management tool and discovered that Ch01 is effectively gone and Free aswell as Ch04, while Ch02 & Ch03 are members of the RAID Set !! Note : just wanted to remind readers of this post that Ch03 is a fresh new hard disk installed in the Ch03 HD bay.

In order to have so matter to think about, we took some screen shots, attached under a ZIP file with this message and the pictures organized in the ZIP files are as follows :

It contains 3 folders, named as follow :

Bios-ARC1210 : containing the screen shoots from the BIOS of the New ARC 1210 CONTROLLER CARD
Browser-ARC1210 : containing the screen shoots from the Browser Management Utility (ARCHTTP) of the New CONTROLLER CARD

And finaly, the folder OLD-CT-EVENT-LOG-ARC1210 : containing the Event Log from the OLD ARC 1210 Controller.

Can someone tell me if we will be able to retrieve our data on this destroyed RAID SET array ?
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I would not touch anything and contact a professional service if the data is important.

1) Do you have a full backup ?

Professional services      restore data on drives in a Lab.

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I hope this helps !
coolplayAuthor Commented:
Hello SysExpert,

This is of course one option.

Prior doing so, I would prefer to see if I could at least try to get my data back in one way or the other.

Actualy, I did power down my system, removed Ch04 Drive.
Powering the system back again and putting drive back into the bay.

Now the Ch04 drive is member of the array again...
The array is still in Faled status, but at least I've got 3 Disk instead of 1 and a new one..

I don't dare for the moment do the same with Ch01 drive, I need to investigate a bit further for this.
coolplayAuthor Commented:
I finaly recovered most of my Data !

Here is what I did :

With the great help, by E-mail, of the ARECA support Team in Taïwan here is what I did:

1/ I deleted via the ARECA Bios configuration : the RAID ARRAY and so the Volume was deleted aswell
2/ removed ALL the Drives from theyre Drive bay
3/ Powered down the system
4/ Power on the system
5/ inserting the Drives in the Order 1 to 4 (even the bad Drive 3) AND by MAKING SURE they where not recognized as a RAID ARRAY MEMBER .. If they where, I Deleted them from the RAID ARRAY MEmbers list in order that the status was delclared as FREE in the ARECA controller Bios configurator.
6/ Recreate EXACLTY the Same RAID ARRAY as the original one (Same RAID 1+0) and all the apparented settings, such as Stripe size, Write back, cache, etc.. (this is very important)
7/ The RAID controller will then ASK for the type of initialization during the VOLUME creation, I choosed the "NO INIT" mode in order to avoid that the controller touch my data.
8/ When that was done I degraded the DRive 3 by removing him from his drive bay.

Power down the system and did install a Windows 2003 WEBedition on a SATA drive connected to the motherboard Sata controller.

In the motherboard Bios, I did make sure that The first boot device was my SATA Drive connected to the board and not the ARRAY Volume.

I did installed a great piece of Software from STELLARINFO.COM : the Linux DATA Recovery and after instaling it, I could see on my list the Raid ARRAY and the different partitions.

After some trials, and Help from theyre great Skype support Team, I was able to recover most of the valuable data I was looking for after that crash.

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