Connecting HP MSL2024 Tape Library to ARCServe Backup r12 on VMWare Virtual Machine


Does anyone know if the HP MSL2024 Tape Library properly intergrates with ARCServer Backup r12? we can see the library within the program, however whenever we try to use it, it says device offline.

we have stopped the tape engine, turned off the tape library and restarted the server, however seem unable to get the device to work.

anyone have any ideas?
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workskilAuthor Commented:

thanks for the help, got it all figured out.

because running on VMWare, actually needed to add HP Media and HP Tape drives so you can use it correctly. bit of laziness on my part.


what is the version of windows. Is it a SCSI card to which the TL is connected or a FC HBA adapter, if this is using SCSI storport drivers then ensure that you have the drivers for the tape drive installed in windows device manager, if this is using SCSI miniport drivers then disable the tape drive and the medium changer in the windows device manager.

For either of the SCSI drivers please ensure that the Removable storage service is disabled. Also ensure that the Tape drive SCSI connections are properly terminated.

After ensuring all these shutdown the backup server and the TL, bring the TL online first, wait for it go to ready status and bring the backup server online and then run device configuration

that should get this working.

reply back if further help needed

it would have been great if you would have mentioned that this is running on VMware as that would let us understand the current situation. Please do post the environment details so that we can provide your resolution based on your environment and not wast time guessing

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